Q. Is there a structure to the sessions at Wadestown crèche? What do                 the children actually do?!

A wide range of experiences and positive interactions with teachers and other children are a key focus.

All sessions begin with general free play where children select an activity such as painting, dress-ups, blocks, puzzles, collage or reading.

At about 10am the children sit down together for morning tea consisting of crispies (fingers of Marmite toast) and thin slices of apple, with sipper cups of water. They then head outside to get some fresh air and ride, slide, play in the whare, sandpit and water trough, or even help with some gardening!

Children may choose to return inside or play outdoors until lunch time when they have their kai together again.

The longer sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are designed for older children (aged from 2½ years), with activities involving smaller equipment (such as threading) and games which require a process to be followed.

Q. I feel my child is still pretty young to leave at crèche…

Many parents feel apprehensive about leaving their children, especially when it’s their first time – and it’s quite normal for children to feel anxious too. Teachers are highly experienced at working with parents to support this transition, and understand that your positive attitude will help your child’s transition to crèche.

We expect you to stay the first session, during which teachers will discuss a plan with you to meet the needs of your child. This might include bringing a comfort toy/item from home or leaving your child for short periods before building up to a full session. We encourage you to visit and discuss any concerns, including management of any allergies, before you make the decision to enrol your child.  

Q. How do you encourage children’s social interactions at crèche?

We emphasise positive guidance to support children’s interactions. We model actions and language children can use, and encourage children to listen to each other and respect each other and our environment.

Q. How does crèche support my child’s toilet training?

When your child is showing an interest or readiness to use the toilet, teachers will work with you to support this process - we've got lots of experience in this!

Q. How does creche differ from kindergarten?

Crèche provides an early childhood experience for children from 12 months, extending up to four years. We offer a small group size (up to 18 children) with three qualified teachers as well as one parent helper working in every session (one morning rostered per term). 

This excellent ratio allows us to build strong relationships with children and their families. Some parents comment that crèche is generally more structured than kindergarten, which younger children respond well to. 

Q. Can children attend crèche and kindergarten at the same time?

Certainly. Crèche sessions are complementary to kindergarten, allowing older children to attend both centres. Continuing at crèche after starting kindergarten supports the transition as children are able to maintain a sense of confidence in belonging while establishing themselves at kindergarten. Friendships that have developed at crèche are often continued at kindergarten and beyond.

Q. What do I need to provide for my child?

  • Healthy lunch box and drink bottle
  • Weather-appropriate hat – gumboots are great for sand and water play!
  • Nappies and wipes
  • At least one full set of clothes to change into after messy play or toileting    incidents

All items must be named. 

Q. I see you have a Facebook page. Can I exclude my child from being                 pictured on it?

We have an opt-in policy for publication on both social and print media of photos taken of children at our crèche. You state your wishes in the full enrolment form. We do, however, like to showcase what children get up to at crèche for those who give permission.

Q. Are families asked to do much fundraising in your community                         crèche?

Instead of asking families to do fundraising work, we charge a flat fundraising levy of $25 per term, regardless of how many children you have enrolled. Parents report a preference for this approach.

Q. Can I visit before enrolment?

Of course – in fact we encourage you to visit, just call us to arrange a suitable time. We’re very happy to answer any questions you may have.