Testimonials 2018

Comments from the Wadestown Community Crèche Management Committee recent survey of parents satisfaction:

"The Wadestown Community Crèche is so much more than a place that looks after our children while we are off doing something else. The crèche provides a safe, structured, but stimulating environment, allowing the children to develop and learn both as individuals and socially. In a matter of days, our child was really comfortable and she has turned into a confident and happy crèche member. And this is all due to the quality of the staff at the crèche. Their experience, patience and dedication is unique and their way of interacting with the children is outstanding. The reports (with photo's) staff write about each child's development, for example, show that staff keep a keen and caring eye on the children's well-being and development."

"Our child loves crèche so much. The teachers are amazing and really are attentive to her needs."

"...the crèche is overwhelmingly a fantastic environment for young children with very caring staff ."

"We have loved being part of crèche and know that our little one is loving the stimulation and experience."

"Brilliant teachers. Highly qualified and all have a wonderful manner with the children."